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Since 1969, Circuit Assembly has been a leading provider and manufacturer of cables, connectors, and other electronic assembly.  Circuit Assembly has built a solid reputation by offering superior products, competitive pricing, and personalized customer service to our clients.  We take pride in treating each customer as if they were VIP because we understand that customer satisfaction is the most important characteristic in any kind of business.  By manufacturing the cable and connectors ourselves, we assure customers are getting the highest quality products at the best possible price.  Here at Circuit Assembly, we offer a wide-variety of top-notch cables, adapters, and connectors.  If you are interested in building a computer, you may look at our selection of SATA adapter, SATA cable, and eSATA cable.  If you want to connect your laptop or computer to a display but are unsure of which cable you will need, you can look into our selection of Mini Displayport adapter cables, displayport extension cables, HDMI cables, DVI cables, and VGA cables.  If you want to transfer data between networks, then the SFP cable is what you are looking for. Most recently, Circuit Assembly began to invest into the solar industry by launching its very own solar connector and cables.  With exceptional design and an IP68 rating, these are the best solar connectors in the market.  Circuit Assembly has also taken customer safety into consideration by manufacturing LSZH cable which will reduce the risk in an event of cables being caught on fire.  Basically, we have a solution to any of your cable and electronic assembly needs!

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