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Solar Connectors

With the surge in renewable energy solutions, Circuit Assembly offers a wide variety of Solar Connectors to assist with your Photovoltaic / PV Solar Panel installation. In addition to the standard Solar Connectors and Solar Branch Connectors, we now have the newly designed Solar Tee and Cross Connectors. Due to their versatile shapes and proprietary snap in designs, they will make PV solar panel installation a quick, simple, and cost-effective process.

All of our Solar Connectors are tested and TUV 1500VDC and UL1000VDC approved. These connectors provide reliable, waterproof, and anti-aging features and are proven to withstand in any heavy environment conditions. Other Solar Connectors typically have a water permeability rating of 66 or 67. Our IP68 rating ensures that our Solar Connectors will hold up in the most severe environmental conditions including sand storms and water submersion up to 3 meters.

Our solar connectors have been tested with our top solar industries’ connectors to see if they meet the standard compatibility.  After being thoroughly tested with other top brand names solar connectors, the result shows that our solar connectors are compatible with any solar connectors in the industry.  We have designed our connectors to complement other solar connectors as well as replace them.  Whether you’re looking for solar connectors to use with your current ones or searching for solar connectors to start a project, our solar connectors will be the right one for you.

Endorsements from top solar industries:

Arizona Testimonial 

San Diego Testimonial 

For optimal Photovoltaic / PV Solar Panel installation, we offer a wide variable of SOLAR CABLES for you convenience.

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