Angled Cables

  • SATA Cable (Right Angle to Right Angle) (0.5, 1 Meter)

    Right Angle SATA Cables This cable can be used to connect any SATA drive with any mother board or PCI card with SATA interface. Choose the angle of the connector that is easiest for you to use. The cable supports a maximum speed of 150Mbps. Available in...

  • SATA Left Angle to Straight Cable

    SATA Left Angle to Straight Cable

    SATA Cables - Left Angle Angle to Straight The Left Angle SATA cable is built for ease of use. On a traditional SATA drive, a left angle cable will exit upwards. The cable’s dimensions are outside to outside connector. It is available in varying...

  • SATA Right Angle to Straight Cable

    Right Angle SATA Cables  The Right Angle SATA Cable is available in multiple lengths. With connectors enclosed in an external jacket, the product has a tolerance level ranging from ±0.25m to ±0.8m depending on the length. The voltage...