SATA Adapters

We offer a wide range of the best SATA Adapters, including Female eSATA to Male SATA adapter, SATA to 7 pin, 15 pin & 22 pin adapter, USB to SATA adapter, eSATA to SATA & many more… at a price you wouldn’t be able to find at retail stores or any other ecommerce website.

Here are a variety of our SATA related adapters

  • 7 Pin Male - Male SATA Serial ATA Data Adapter

    Connects standard sata cables to make an extension.Makes a standard sata cable into a male connector on one end. If you are just trying to make a longer cable by joining two cables this is the adapter for you. RoHS Compliant Copper shield Low Smoke Zero...

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  • eSATA to USB 2.0 Cable (1ft)

    eSATA to USB 2.0 Cable (1ft)

    USB 2.0 to eSATA Cable, 1Ft (USB SATA Cable) This USB to ESATA cable can be used to connect your ESATA drive to your computer that does not have an ESATA port. This adapter gives you the convenience of connecting your ESATA devices with any computer...